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Oct 31st 2022

What Receiving a Bipolar Diagnosis in My 40s Says About Me

October 31, 2022|Categories: Essays|

I’d been struggling again. And was feeling suicidal. So I decided to make an appointment with yet another psychiatrist. It had been three years since my last psychiatric evaluation. I was long overdue. It took me months to get in with this new natural psychiatrist. Then I was assigned a PA. I like the PA I see. She listens. And seems to genuinely want help. Not something that’s always....

Mental Health and Well-being: We All Could Use a More Trauma-informed Approach in Life

My students have been forced into online learning due to the pandemic—and being forced into anything is stressful for anybody. It's made me think a lot about how we treat others when they're stressed. When we’re stressed. Or worse, when [...]

CPTSD, Perfectionism and Control: From Merely Surviving to Making Homemade Fries (+Recipe)

Recently, I was asked what those of us who suffer from childhood trauma do in our downtime. It made me pause. Well, there isn’t any downtime, was my immediate thought. Because when you suffer from trauma, it takes every second [...]

Fight-or-flight and Trauma: My Husband Triggers My PTSD (and 5 Things to Do If Someone Triggers You)

My husband triggers me. As our loved ones tend to do. I told him the other day that it’s like he subconsciously knows what will set me off—like he can feel the energy in the air, but instead of moving [...]

Anxiety, CPTSD and Intergenerational Trauma: Channeling Our Inner Superhero and Using Self-care

This week has been a doozy. Personally and nationally. It feels like that last battle everyone’s had in them is coming to an anxious head, needing a victory to feel the strength to move on. Because when you fight battle [...]

CPTSD, Depression and Intergenerational Trauma: Pushing Through the Discomfort Until the Joy Returns

It's a few weeks into a new semester, and I can tell it’s going to be a tough one. Students were forced into online classes due to COVID, and I can tell it’s causing them stress. Through the emails I'm [...]

CPTSD, PTSD, Intergenerational Trauma and Black Lives Matter: A Story of Officers and Compassion

My husband was driving as we pulled into the parking lot of the dispensary where I purchase my medical marijuana. Since lockdown, I’ve been placing my orders online and using the curbside service to pick them up. But this time, [...]

“Loved reading this Jenna, what a great explanation of how your OT helped you. I have taken a few tips for a client of mine I am treating at the moment! Great post. Cheers!”


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