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Oct 31st 2022

What Receiving a Bipolar Diagnosis in My 40s Says About Me

October 31, 2022|Categories: Essays|

I’d been struggling again. And was feeling suicidal. So I decided to make an appointment with yet another psychiatrist. It had been three years since my last psychiatric evaluation. I was long overdue. It took me months to get in with this new natural psychiatrist. Then I was assigned a PA. I like the PA I see. She listens. And seems to genuinely want help. Not something that’s always....

CPTSD, Self-care and Trauma: Learning Self-efficacy (+ 8 Journal Prompts to Reflect on Your Self-efficacy)

Recently, I decided to join Noom. Noom is a weight loss app designed to help you understand the psychology behind weight loss. They take in factors such as how you eat and what your motivations are for eating. But they [...]

Bipolar, PMDD, PTSD, SPD: Regulating My Nervous System (and 6 Tips for Regulating Yours)

Regulating my nervous system is something I struggle with on a daily basis. No matter what the reason, I find myself over-regulated or under-regulated often. Like I have too much energy or not enough. Like I can’t sit still or [...]

CPTSD, PTSD and Trauma: Learning the Mindfulness of Observing (and 5 Tips for Observing)

One of the most useful things I’ve learned during trauma recovery has been to observe. It’s the simplest idea, yet one of the more difficult things to do. It's when you remove yourself from your emotions, from your feelings, from [...]

Bipolar, Depression and PTSD: How to Deal with Let Downs and Lows (and 9 Tips for Managing Them) 

Feeling let down by things isn’t fun for anyone. But when you’re bipolar or if you suffer from PTSD or depression, and your lows can get low, feeling let down can be a dangerous thing.  When I’m let down by [...]

Anxiety, Depression and Trauma: How Scheduling My Day Helps Me Make It through the Day (+5 Tips for Successful Scheduling)

I started working from home in 2017. When my PTSD and SPD made it too hard to be in the classroom. When my boss was kind enough to let me teach online. And I’ve taught online ever since. While working [...]

“Loved reading this Jenna, what a great explanation of how your OT helped you. I have taken a few tips for a client of mine I am treating at the moment! Great post. Cheers!”


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