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Dec 23rd 2020

Awakening: How Occupational Therapy Uncovered Hidden Trauma

December 23, 2020|Categories: Essays|

It was March of 2018 and my third attempt at medication in three years. To try to ease my troubled mind. I had tried drugs before — prescribed or not — but this time, I was more desperate than usual for one to work. Because it wasn’t just myself I was trying to save, it was my marriage. My husband and I had recently experienced another incident. Another episode of me unconsciously going after him. Attacking him. Followed by me [...]

CPTSD, PTSD and Trauma: How Stranger Things Season 4 Acknowledges Repressed Trauma

(Spoiler alert)  My husband and I recently finished watching Season 4 of Stranger Things, and I’ve been reflecting on how much it dealt with repressed trauma—with a memory so traumatic that it is blocked from our conscious mind—and it made [...]

CPTSD, PTSD and Fight-or-flight Response: Living in a Trauma Cycle and 7 Steps to Ending It

When you’re living in a trauma cycle, your thoughts are wired for chaos. And you remain in a fight-or-flight state. Running from problem to problem. From crisis to crisis. Where I lived for over 23 years.  The best way to [...]

PTSD, SPD and Fight-or-flight Response: Recognizing and Reconnecting to Our Proprioceptive Sense

My husband and I decided to go for a drive. Neither of us had been feeling well, and once better, we needed to get out of the house. My husband drove, taking routes I typically wouldn’t take. There were dozens [...]

CPTSD, PTSD, Dissociation and Fight-or-flight Response: How Childhood Trauma Shows Up in Marriage

I’ve been thinking about how May is both Trauma Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, and then I came across a story I’d written that took place almost exactly one year ago this week. It was during COVID lockdown [...]

Chronic Pain, Depression and Somatic Trauma: How Focusing on My Body’s Strength Makes Me Less Angry

After only recently learning of my trauma — of the somatic trauma that occurred 25 years ago — I’m just starting to understand my injuries. Injuries that didn’t make sense for decades. Like why I have a herniated disc in [...]

Mental Health and Well-being: We All Could Use a More Trauma-informed Approach in Life

My students have been forced into online learning due to the pandemic—and being forced into anything is stressful for anybody. It's made me think a lot about how we treat others when they're stressed. When we’re stressed. Or worse, when [...]

CPTSD, Perfectionism and Control: From Merely Surviving to Making Homemade Fries (+Recipe)

Recently, I was asked what those of us who suffer from childhood trauma do in our downtime. It made me pause. Well, there isn’t any downtime, was my immediate thought. Because when you suffer from trauma, it takes every second [...]

“Loved reading this Jenna, what a great explanation of how your OT helped you. I have taken a few tips for a client of mine I am treating at the moment! Great post. Cheers!”


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