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Anxiety, Depression and Trauma: How Scheduling My Day Helps Me Make It through the Day (+5 Tips for Successful Scheduling)

February 3, 2023

I started working from home in 2017. When my PTSD and SPD made it too hard to be in the classroom. When my boss was kind enough to let me teach online. And I’ve taught online ever since. While working from home, I’ve noticed that I need to create a schedule each day in order to make it through the day. That having a schedule helps with my depression and anxiety. Helps me see my accomplishments. And gives me the structure I need. 

I begin each day the same way: by drinking coffee and journaling. And I always make my schedule. In the notes section of my phone, I write down each task I need to complete that day along with the times I need to complete them. Fitting in self-care as I go. 

I’ve also found it beneficial to create a schedule for myself on the weekends. Even if all I’m doing is cleaning and exercising, I find that having a schedule helps me stay on track.

On days I don’t have a schedule, I feel off. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Like I’m getting nothing done. I feel lost. And having a schedule helps me find myself. 

It also helps me see my accomplishments. The things I’ve completed in a day or a week. Which gives me the confidence that I can do a lot, especially on tough days when I feel like I can only do a little. 

So if you don’t keep a schedule, I recommend trying it. And if you do, awesome! Either way, here are some tips for successful scheduling:

  1. Keep a planner where you write down things that are coming up in your day, week and month. This will help you know what’s coming up, so you can save yourself the anxiety of not knowing.
  2. Write down a schedule for each day. Start with when you wake up and make every hour of your day count. You can do it in your planner or on your phone or wherever it’s easiest for you to do. 
  3. Fit in self-care when you can. Take inventory of your own self-care practices and try to do something every day. Even if you can only practice self-care just five minutes before and after work. Or 10 minutes on your lunch break. A little bit goes a long way. 
  4. Check things off your list. There’s something very satisfying about checking things off a list. By writing down what you need to do during the day and checking it off as you go, you are acknowledging everything you are accomplishing, making you feel proud of each day. 
  5. Reflect on how much you’ve accomplished. If you keep track of everything in a planner or journal, or even on your phone, look back once a week or once a month, see everything you’ve accomplished and use it to set goals for the next week or month.

Regardless of how you keep a schedule, give it a try. And marvel at how much you accomplish each day. 

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