My Book

For over two decades, I lived in a fight-or-flight state. I was suicidal, angry, anxious and depressed. I had neurological disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, TMJ, digestive and reproductive issues. My sensory processing was disordered, and I dissociated often. But no one was able to help me. Then, I found a psychotherapist and started seeing an occupational therapist who began conducting craniosacral therapy—a technique that works with the craniosacral system and with tissue memories—and memories of repressed trauma surfaced—which explained everything.

Primitive is a female-centric thriller that takes readers through the depths of my anxiety, depression and pain through journal excerpts and my quest to discover why I felt so crazy. It shows how we can take our healing into our own hands and understand the source of our anxiety, depression and pain.

A story about identity, pain, survival and perseverance, Primitive is a raw account of what happens when someone has suffered trauma. It gives readers hope and the knowledge that we can find the answers to our pain if we look deep enough within ourselves.

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