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Anxiety, Depression and Trauma: Meeting Yourself Where You’re at (+6 Journaling Tips to Get There)

January 20, 2023

I recently read an article that discussed feeling sad at the beginning of a new year, and it made me think of the concept I learned during trauma recovery of meeting yourself where you’re at. A concept that saved me many days of feeling anxiety about not doing things. Of feeling depressed from the past. A concept that has helped me be present. For being present is exactly the goal of meeting yourself where you’re at. 

Meeting yourself where you’re at means accepting the place you’re in. The space. Some days it’s a sad space. Some days it’s lonely. Some days it’s hopeful. And the concept means acknowledging what you’re feeling and starting with that. 

I find that two things help me meet myself where I’m at every day: morning meditation and journaling. 

For my morning meditation, I do a body scan where I acknowledge each part of my body and observe what comes up. Doing this first thing in the morning helps me know what I’m working with. For example, one morning an old memory surfaced that helped me understand why I was feeling depressed that day. And it was by acknowledging that old memory that I was able to move within that space that day. Be caring to myself. Not push myself too hard. Practice self-care. Only do what’s necessary. Hence meeting myself where I was at. 

When journaling, I talk to myself on the page. And I get a glimpse of what I’m feeling. This goes beyond anything physical and gets to my innermost feelings. When you’re honest with yourself on the page, when you’re raw, you get to teach yourself about yourself. It’s often through writing that I learn something new about myself. And journaling every day means you’re facing yourself on the page every day. Acknowledging what you’re feeling. And meeting yourself where you’re at that day. 

While it’s wise to meet yourself where you’re at in the beginning of each day, the concept of meeting yourself where you’re at can be applied at any time of the day. On days I feel overwhelmed, I’ve noticed that if I can stop for a moment and acknowledge that I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can take a deep breath and do something to make myself feel better. Meeting myself where I’m at in the moment. 

So if you find yourself depressed or anxious, try to pause and take a deep breath and remember, you have the power to meet yourself where you’re at, to acknowledge your feelings, to let go, and to take back the moment you are in. Breathe, think of what brings you joy, practice self-care. And relish the moment you are in. 

Tips for journaling to meet yourself where you’re at:

  1. Journal first thing in the morning. This will help you acknowledge your feelings right away. You can also continue journaling throughout the day to stay connected to yourself. 
  2. Get how you’re feeling onto the page without judgment. Don’t question what you’re writing, just write what comes up.
  3. Let yourself feel your feelings on the page. If you’re depressed, explore why. If you’re anxious, get it all out. Whatever you’re feeling, write it down. Capture it so you can see your truth. 
  4. Make lists, draw pictures, doodle. Journal in a way that makes sense to you. It should make you feel joy, not like it’s a chore. 
  5. Reflect on what you’ve written, drawn, etc. By reading what you’ve written after writing, you can learn about yourself. And explore where you’re at in the moment.
  6. Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a lot of time journaling and reflecting. All you need is a few minutes to get your thoughts out and onto the page and to reflect on what you’ve captured. 

I wish you a safe journey to the center of your inner universe. May you get there swiftly and enjoy each moment you are in. 

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