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May 30th 2021

CPTSD, PTSD and Trauma: Nows the Time to Understand Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational trauma refers to trauma that has been carried from one generation to another. The trauma rides along our genes like an anxious passenger. Wanting truths to be told. Wrongs to be righted. Justice to be served. Its a heavy load for each new generation to bear. For when you survive with your ancestors trauma inside of you, theres no escaping it. Intergenerational trauma doesn’t always show itself doesnt always make itself clearly known but its there. Waiting to be acknowledged...

Jul 24th 2020

Trauma, Empathy and Mindfulness: Creating and Holding Space and Boundaries

After suffering extreme loss of myself, Im learning to let go of the pain. To move all the pain and trauma out of my body to create space for love and joy. For regardless of what happened or what happens, life moves on. And its up to me how I live it. During this process, Im also learning how to create space for another. Because when it comes to someone else’s suffering, to someone else’s pain, it is sometimes more difficult to let go...

Jul 17th 2020

OCD, PTSD, SPD and COVID: Masks, Panic Attacks and a Trip to Target

Right before COVID hit, I was just starting to break free from the stiff hold my rules have had on me for decades. The rules Id set in place to help myself survive were slowly lessening. Melting away as I learned to let go. And everyday things like going to the store started feeling easier. Less panic-inducing. But now that COVID outbreaks are the reality, my need to control my environment is back in full swing. Causing me to risk having a panic attack every time I leave the house...

May 10th 2019

Neurodiversity and Fight-or-flight Response: How Occupational Therapy Saved My Life by Teaching Me to Regulate My Nervous System and the 16 Things I’ve Learned

This weeks blog is dedicated to my occupational therapist words cannot express my gratitude for guiding me through my pain and for helping me learn to regulate my nervous system; our work has changed my life and to a special young man I had the pleasure of meeting this week may you begin to see your true self, work to forgive yourself and learn to love yourself; I hope you feel better very soon...

“Very well written article. I am particularly aware of the marital conflict that are arising from the stress of the situation. Partners are attacking each other because the virus is so nebulous and there is an uncomfortable sense of how out of control we are.”


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