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Mental Health and Well-being: We All Could Use a More Trauma-informed Approach in Life

February 26, 2021

My students have been forced into online learning due to the pandemic—and being forced into anything is stressful for anybody. It’s made me think a lot about how we treat others when they’re stressed. When we’re stressed. Or worse, when we’re going through something traumatic. And it’s made it clear that we all could use a more trauma-informed approach in life.

Like with my students. I strive to meet them where they’re at and to let them know they can communicate with me about their needs, but overall, I’ve realized I just need to take a more trauma-informed approach with each one of them. Handle them delicately. Treat them with sensitivity and care. As if they have suffered a trauma. And it occurred to me how wonderful it would be if we all approached each other that way.

We all could use a little more support regarding the things that are troubling for us. The things that are triggering.

What if we were more mindful of our own words and actions. If we were present enough to understand when someone is feeling upset. Or unsafe. Know when someone has been triggered. See when someone is suffering.

What if we could put our egos aside long enough in order to admit when we’re wrong. When we’ve caused someone else pain.

And even more so, what if we could acknowledge when we’ve experienced a trauma. To ourselves and to others. Without shame. So we could all heal together.

So I guess this is a nudge to be more mindful—myself included—to engage ourselves in ways that allow us to be present and focused. Mindful of our own needs and the needs of others. Having a trauma-informed approach to everyone we encounter in life. So we can all feel safe.

Oh what a wonderful world that would be.

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