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Dear Reader,

I hope you are safe and well. Thank you for visiting my website.

Here’s a little about me.

I was 34 and lost in the darkness of my pain. And I couldn’t see a way out. Every day felt like I was spiraling out of control. I was suicidal. I was losing relationships and jobs. I was hurting others. And myself. Then, I began writing again and reflecting on past journal entries, and I started to unlock the secrets and the trauma that were hidden deep within me—a journey that would save my life—and it all started by writing in my journal.

Now, as a writer, educator and trauma survivor, my mission is to heal through writing and to help others do so too.

As a writer, I share my stories about healing from trauma, coping with disorder and practicing mindfulness in the hope they will help you or someone you love know you are not alone. (The views displayed in my writing are my own.)

My essays have been featured in The Mighty and Psych Central and on Birmingham Maple Clinic’s and Dr. Marlene Kasman’s websites, and I write a monthly blog. I also have my Master’s in Writing from DePaul University.

Working as an educator, I help others connect to themselves through writing. I’ve been teaching college writing since 2009, and I teach journaling classes through the Writing for Health series I’ve created. (The first class in the series is FREE to subscribers! Please see my Workshops page for more information.)

As a trauma survivor, I remember the agonizing journey to receive proper help and diagnoses and to learn how to connect back to myself—to find myself in the darkness.

If you or someone you love are suffering, know you are not alone in your search for the light. I’m in it with you.

Please feel free to contact me. While I can only speak from my own experiences, I understand the grave importance of connecting to others who get it—who know how challenging healing can be.
I wish you light and love on your journey.

All My Best,
Jenna Grace

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“Jenna, thank you! I have never been able to explain this feeling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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